batbox custom-made
Bat – Rocket Box in a pecan orchard.

At it is all about habitat.

BAT BOXES, also called Bat Houses, attract and encourage bats to come and to stay. Bats help control insect populations and their presence can be an element of your Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program. Some species of bats specialize in beetles and eat all sorts of other insects including pecan nut casebearer moths. We build Bat Boxes for customers in the Central Texas area, from Dallas/Fort Worth to Austin and Waco. Let us build a Bat House for you. They are made from your choice of wood: cedar or yellow pine. Also, you may choose to have your Bat Box unpainted, painted, or custom-painted in your own color choice.

Custom-made Bat Boxes are available in four styles:


BIRD NEST BOXES, also called birdhouses, provide your feathered visitors with a safe shelter to raise their young. Custom-made Bird Boxes are available for cavity nesting songbirds, such as chickadees, titmouses, and wrens. We also make cavity nesting Bird Boxes for screech owls, barn owls, wood ducks, and purple martins. Our specialty item is the Bluebird Nesting Box.

You may choose painted or unpainted pine or unpainted cedar Bird Nest Boxes for most designs. has introduced modifications in the birdbox design to include a hinged door for easy cleanup, accessible with a simple rotation of an L-pin, plus a handy door knob, a door stop, and even tiny grooves on the interior wall for fledglings to climb out of the box. Visit the BIRD BOXES Page for illustrations. introduces the L-3 Mounting System, a revolutionary design for easy installation, inspection, cleaning, and maintenance of your pole mounted box. Visit the L-3 MOUNTING SYSTEM Page for illustrations. Visit the PRICING Page to order.

TPW-logoNOTE: As a part of our commitment to habitat management, and to encourage song bird population, participates in the Texas Parks and Wildlife Cowbird Trapping program.