Bats play an essential role in controlling insect pest populations which damage crops and irritate people.

  • Consider making bats a part of your integrated pest management program!
  • We provide quality houses at a very competitive price.
  • House plans can be customized to meet your particular needs.
  • Colors shown are representative of choices used in the central Texas area.
  • Unpainted houses also available, which can be painted to match your individual color choice.
  • Ask about placement on your property for optimal attraction of bats.


Rocket Style Bat Box: a 2 Chamber Bat House


Rocket Style Bat Box – Custom Paint Finish

Custom-made Bat Boxes are available in two styles, the “Rocket” Box and the “Nursery” Box. They are made from your choice of wood: cedar, yellow pine, or exterior grade plywood. Also, you may choose to have your bat box unpainted, painted, or custom-painted in your own color choice.

The method of installation will depend on your particular site. Installation is not included in the price of your Bat Box or Bird Box.

Rocket Style Bat Box - Shown Mounted on a Pole.

Rocket Style Bat Box – Shown Mounted on a Pole.

Bat Box Pole Installation at Ground Level.

Bat Box Pole Installation at Ground Level.

Overall Rocket Bat Box dimensions are 12″ wide x 12″ deep x 48″ tall, and it weighs 34 lbs. Each Rocket Box is designed to be mounted on a 2″ diameter galvanized metal pole (not provided) which stands 20′ tall.


This is a Flat-Roofed 4-Chamber Nursery-Style Bat Box.

Nursery Style Bat Box with Corrugated Metal Roof.

Nursery Style Bat Box with Corrugated Metal Roof.

This Nursery-Style Bat Box may be installed on a wall or on a pole. Pole and mounting hardware are not provided. Standard dimensions are 18″ wide x 7″ deep x 32″ tall, and it weighs 27 lbs. Nursery Boxes can be made in a larger size to increase potential population. The four-chambered nursery box can be doubled plus one by mounting two boxes back-to-back with a ninth space between, and passage holes drilled for movement within all nine.

batman-robinIn November, 2014, proudly announced a new three-chambered Bat Cabinette. This new model is designed for use in areas less than two acres:

  • suburban areas,
  • greenbelts,
  • lake house,
  • country place,
  • small gardens, etc.

The Bat Cabinette is smaller and lighter than our other models, and is suited for less extensive, non- commercial applications. Although smaller than our standard Bat Box, the Bat Cabinette has all the features to successfully attract and encourage bats to move in and to make it their migratory home.

Left: Painted Pine with Optional Metal Roof Right: Unpainted Cedar

Left: Painted Pine with Optional Metal Roof …. Right: Unpainted Cedar

It is designed to be wall mounted, but can be installed on a pole if you choose. Install it any place where non-chemical insect control is desired. Designed for use in smaller properties, such as suburban gardens, this scaled-down Bat Box will suit those who want to control insects without chemicals. Bats are especially effective in hunting mosquitos and moths.

Weight: 6 lbs.
Height: 17”
Width: 11 ¼”
Depth: 5”

Like other bat boxes, it is available in pine (painted or unpainted) and cedar (unpainted only). Optional feature: Metal Roof.